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Acquire Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc.

After 50 years of intensive research and development, we at Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. are ready to achieve our long-term goal: the sale or transfer of the business to a person or entity with the resources to take the operation to the next level.

  • Recognized leader in the industry with a dominant global market presence

  • Only light hovercraft capable of reversing and easily coming to a stop

  • Safest and most environmentally conscious light hovercraft in the world

  • World’s first and only successful light hovercraft company

  • Most imitated design and technology in the light hovercraft industry

  • Founded by Cadet members of the Australian Air Training Corps


Why Hovercraft?

Meet the missing link

Nothing does the job of a hovercraft. Part boat, part helicopter, hovercraft are actually flying machines, skimming just inches above the surface - no matter the weather. Expand your business potential with hovercraft.

Rescue training in the Italian Alps

Rescue training in the Italian Alps

Rapid response

First responders safely rescue victims inaccessible by other means, quickly coordinate operations in time-sensitive situations, and gather intel during emergencies - all the while hovering above the danger, not in it. 

Search and Rescue
Al Roker and Matt Lauer having fun piloting Bubba Watson’s hovercraft

Al Roker and Matt Lauer having fun piloting Bubba Watson’s hovercraft

Just for fun

A unique experience for sightseers and enthusiasts, hovercraft confidently transition from land to water, gliding on a cushion of air over tidal areas, ice, mud flats, sand dunes, shallows and marshes.

Touring and exploring
Hunting and fishing
Wildlife observation
Dust suppression commercial operation, Minnesota Mine, USA

Dust suppression commercial operation, Minnesota Mine, USA

In the field

Crews safely and easily maneuver around hazards like power lines, low-hanging wires, bridges, trees, and debris. Hovercraft also function as a stable work platform with no dock required, and no running aground.

Environmental work
Unexploded ordnance mapping
Drug abatement

How it works

Hovercraft utilize one or more fans to create both lift and thrust, causing the craft to hover above the surface.  


Lift is created by directing the fan's air under the craft, sealing it with a flexible fabric skirt.

Thrust is obtained by redirecting the fan's remaining air, propelling the craft to speeds up to 60 mph.

Why Neoteric?

Dominate the market

Often imitated, never duplicated. Take charge of Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc., the proven industry-leader, with all the hallmarks of exceptional hovercraft engineering: unsurpassed maneuverability, safety and design.

Demonstration of perfect control in River flooding conditions, Indiana, USA

Demonstration of perfect control in River flooding conditions, Indiana, USA

Most maneuverable

  • Only light hovercraft with the ability to effectively brake and reverse

  • First fully functional and maneuverable light hovercraft

  • Capable of handling the tightest situations in remote locations - even under the most difficult conditions

  • Designed with the lowest profile for greater access in areas with low-hanging obstructions

    4 seat craft with custom hand painted camouflage

    4 seat craft with custom hand painted camouflage

    Award-winning design

    • Preeminent aesthetic design with considerable attention given to form, fit and finish

    • Single engine, single fan for simplicity of maintenance

    • Only light hovercraft with up to 70 customizable features, including helicopter lifting cleats, rescue packages, and customer-specified paint schemes

    • Single-person trailering

    • Near zero footprint and environmental impact


    The original light hovercraft company

    • 1960 Founded by a group of Australian Air Training Corps Cadets, Chris Fitzgerald and Rob Wilson
    • 1960-70 Conceptualized the first personal sized hovercraft - the Neova One

    • 1980-89 Entered the world of hovercraft racing and began selling to prominent corporate customers with the Racer and Questrek models

    • 1990-99 Began supplying to commercial markets, and introduced the Hovertrek model
    • 2000-09 Achieved worldwide expansion, invested in pilot training and education, and organized the World Hovercraft Championship

    • 2010-Present Massive manufacturing upgrades and high performance craft development

    6 passenger rescue craft demonstrates the simplicity and safety of ice rescue

    6 passenger rescue craft demonstrates the simplicity and safety of ice rescue

    Safest and most stable

    • Only light hovercraft that can safely approach victims, stop, and hover in place to retrieve them
    • Only light hovercraft that functions as a stable work platform

    • Virtually un-capsizable

    Fleet of 4 passenger Neoteric Craft operated by Swedish Sea Rescue Society

    Fleet of 4 passenger Neoteric Craft operated by Swedish Sea Rescue Society

    #1 training program

    • 500+ pilots and techs trained on Neoteric hovercraft
    • Training conducted by the most experienced pilots in the world

    • Exclusive training paired with our incomparable machine produces the world's most effective pilots


    Take command

    Enter the unique world of versatile sport, rescue, wilderness and utility vehicles by acquiring the leader in the light hovercraft industry - a solid investment with a clear path to success.

    Image:  Rescue training in Italian Alps

    Ownership oppportunity

    With the most technologically advanced light hovercraft on the market, facilities set up and manufacturing systems in place for mass production, capitalize on this opportunity to acquire the world's leading light hovercraft maker.

    Solid Investment

    • $2M annual income, zero debt and 100% self-financed

    • Company is growing as proven by increasing assets

    • Avg. $300K invested annually in R&D to maintain technical dominance in the market

    • Unlimited market potential in a multitude of business applications

    Industry Leader

    • Most recognizable light hovercraft brand in the world

    • Best reputation in the business for reliability, on-time deliveries, technical support and consulting

    • Safest most maneuverable craft due to patented reverse thrust

    • Leading global supplier - 50% of sales are to govt. institutions

    Path to Success

    • Hurricanes and flooding are on the rise - hovercraft are needed now more than ever
    • Attractive to expanding markets, with search and rescue having over 10K depts. in the US alone.

    • Only light hovercraft company utilizing cell manufacturing

    Media Coverage



    It’s a golf cart, but not as you know it. The funny little wheels have been replaced with proper hovercraft underpinnings, so it can glide over grass, sand, and water traps. It’s also got the all the necessary stowage capacity for all your sticks, balls and friends...


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    After months of training, Oak Island Water Rescue is ready to conduct rescues with their newest vehicle: a hovercraft..


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    An amphibious craft built in Terre Haute is helping to rescue flood victims of Hurricane Harvey in parts of Texas...


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